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Our Specialty Grade coffee beans are carefully selected from premier origins around the world. When you experience our unique blends and extraordinary aromas you will taste the difference between ordinary and Luna.

Passionate about the farmer

We're passionate about fair farmer practices that promote equitable and sustainable trade relationships for the farmer.

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Harvest Seasons

A coffee variety’s harvest season depends on a host of factors, including longitude, latitude, elevation, humidity, rainfall, temperatures, and seasonal variability. 

The Finer Points Of Craft Coffee Tasting

Coffee tasting is an art and science that takes years to master. However, even the beginner coffee taster can begin to appreciate the nuances of ...


Whole bean coffee not only stays fresher longer than ground coffee, it allows you to custom-grind your craft coffee to get the best results from your preferred brewing method.


Because the roasting process is what reveals a coffee bean’s unique characteristics “care” is the essential word for roasting craft coffee. There ...