8 Characteristics Of Your Craft Coffee

When tasting your craft coffee for the first time, reference these characteristics. Mindfulness of your coffee will reward you with a richer experience.

Characteristics Good Bad
CLEAN CUP Purity, Clarity Dirty, Moldy
BALANCE Harmony, Stable, Equilibrium Hollow, Excessive, Aggressive, Inconsistent
ACIDITY Lively, Refined, Firm, Crisp Sharp, Dull, Hard, Thin
MOUTHFEEL Creamy, Buttery, Round, Smooth Astringent, Gritty, Rough, Watery
FLAVOR Fruity, Smoky, Floral, Spicy Vegetal, Grassy, Woody, Peas
AFTERTASTE Sweet, Clean, Pleasantly Lingering Bitter, Harsh, Dirty, Metallic
SWEETNESS Ripened, Honey, Caramel, Cane Sugar Green, Closed, Undeveloped
OVERALL Complex, Rich, Uniform Boring, Simplistic