Control These 6 Factors To Improve Your Coffee Experience

Every coffee drinker, barista and coffee lover has their own way of preparing the perfect cup of coffee. There’s no one right way to make coffee—it all depends on the person. But regardless of how you like your coffee, these 6 factors will help you make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Did you know that each brewing method requires a different grind type to achieve the optimal flavor? Make sure to check before you grind.

Consistency counts. Level scoops are better than heaping spoons. As a general rule, use 2 tablespoons to every 8 oz. of water. Pros use scales to portion their coffee.

Coffee should be brewed at a high temperature to extract the ideal amount of flavor from the grinds.

The duration that the water is in contact with coffee grounds. Too short, and your coffee will be weak. Too long, and your coffee will be bitter and astringent.

Helps to extract all the flavor from all of the grounds. Slow, gentle and only so much.

How long the coffee is directly heated (e.g., on a burner). Insulated carafes will keep a full pot better than a burner. Making each cup to order is best.